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Our Story

Alpha Prime believes in the power of a living legacy and how your choices impact your everyday life. We were founded with the mission to help you conquer your fears, achieve your goals, and reach your prime. Empowerment comes from within, and though we can’t ignite the passion for progress, we plan to ride alongside you on your journey.

Building a solid foundation starts with one brick at a time, and we understand the focus, drive, and motivation needed for those long roads ahead. Our “never give up” attitude comes from our Founder and CEO, Caesar Bacarella. As a first-generation Italian American, Caesar has always valued hard work. When his mother walked out, he dropped out of school to help take care of the family business, despite all of the struggles. Eventually, he would become a two-time world champion in Ferrari and Lamborghini, making a name for himself and making his family proud. His own story and purpose through his upbringing have paved the way for Alpha Prime. As the definition of “self-made” Caesar has instilled a fire and hunger in this company that we aim to deliver on.

Since our launch in May of 2018, we have focused on a premium line of sports apparel, ensuring quality products with sustainability and durability in mind. We use a variety of lightweight fabrics that are breathable, durable, and comfortable enough for the gym, but also stylish enough to wear out. From here, we’ve transitioned to premium fitness supplements. Providing this wide range of products stems from a commitment to our customers. Our promise is that we will always offer the best for every single person. Our aim is to prove that brands can be authentic and dedicated, at a better cost without losing out on quality. We are family-first with a high standard for ourselves and what we do, never offering any less than our best for you.

Never skating by with just the bare minimum, we also go the extra mile in our design. By making our own colors and sizing specs, we aim to innovate constantly. All our products, from supplements to our apparel, are aesthetically pleasing, consciously sourced, and highly individualized, ensuring that you never have to settle or compromise quality. No detail goes unnoticed or ignored, right down to our packaging.

Alpha Prime’s in the business of empowerment first. We’re leading the way by showing it can be done. Are you ready to be a part of something bigger?