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Compression Shirts For Football Training

Compression Shirts For Football Training

Compression Shirts For Football Training

Men’s activewear is constantly evolving to meet the needs of athletes around the world. Athletes at the professional, collegiate, and high school level have an innate need to excel at a high level and consistently exceed expectations. Before an athlete can hit the field, they need to be dressed for the occasion. Whether it’s clothes for weight training or underneath the pads, football players need to have a full range of motion at all times. Compression shirts are the perfect addition to any football player’s closet of men’s activewear to keep that a constant advantage against the competition. The season doesn’t start when the clock begins to run in the first game but long before it. The way a football player trains in the offseason will determine how strong he is and how capable he is of enduring 10 to 16 weeks of fighting in the trenches. Compression shirts are perfect for football training because:

Benefits of Compression Shirts:

  • Designed for All Weather
  • Extra Protection
  • Better Body Control
  • Tight Sleek Fit

Designed for All Types of Weather

The best football players are forged in the offseason. Offseason training involves conditioning and weight training, so it’s vital that football players are fully equipped to perform above and beyond their abilities. The offseason is in place to keep athletes in shape, despite the harsh weather conditions. The football offseason is during the Summer, as well as the Winter for collegiate and high school football players. Men’s compression activewear is designed for both Winter and Summer despite being completely different. Compression wear acts as a ventilation system for the body due to the moisture-wicking technology built into the shirt. A normal cotton t-shirt would trap sweat, causing the wearer to become heavier and bogged down. Men’s Compression activewear is also great for the cold because it keeps the body warm even in the worst of weather conditions. It’s the best type of clothing for lifting weights under the burning sun or running drills in the middle of Winter.

Extra Protection

Compression shirts act as the body’s shield against the world. As the needs of football players develop and grow, so do compression shirts. Some have been designed to include integrated compression. Padding is stitched into the shirt to provide an extra layer of protection. This added padding defends the body where it’s most likely to be hit such as the ribs or shoulders. It doesn’t compromise a football player’s range of motion and is able to easily fit underneath pads, making them perfect for drills and real game time scenarios.


Better Body Control

Compression activewear for men is perfect for football training because of its ability to provide better control over the body. The shirt is tightly compressed against the body, keeping the muscles together and expending the least amount of energy possible. This allows the wearer to run longer or hit that last rep in the weight room. Compression wear promotes blood flow throughout the body and gets the body ready for workouts quicker than without it. The increased blood flow also helps with the post-workout soreness that hits a day later due to the lactic acid buildup in the muscles.

Men’s compression activewear is the way of the future for the modern football player. Whether in training or deep in the rival’s red zone, a compression shirt will provide the competitive advantage needed to go beyond the body’s normal limits. When searching for a compression shirt, make sure to check out Alpha Prime. They provide premium compression wear that can take a football player to the next level during the offseason. To start football training in style, buy an Alpha Prime compression shirt today!

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