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Guide To Buying A Sleeved or Sleeveless Hoodie

Guide To Buying A Sleeved or Sleeveless Hoodie

Guide To Buying A Sleeved or Sleeveless Hoodie

When it comes to men’s fitness apparel, there are a large number of choices when deciding on a sleeved or sleeveless hoodie. They are the same product but differ for many reasons. When shopping for men’s athletic apparel, men should consider the following:

Sleeved Or Sleeveless Hoodie Considerations:

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Type of Physical Activity


A major factor to consider when buying a sleeved or sleeveless hoodie is the comfort. Everyone has a different body, and it’s important to know what body type to buy for. Sleeveless hoodies tend to be tight around the torso and upper arm area, while a sleeved hoodie offers more room. Men’s fitness apparel has moved towards using Dri-fit technology. This allows the body to move sweat through the clothes, keeping the user dry and comfortable. Dri-fit is typically a tight material. Cotton is looser on the body but retains a large amount of sweat.


Shopping for men’s fitness apparel may seem tough, but it’s all up to personal preference. Sleeved hoodies tend to cover up the body, while sleeveless hoodies show off the arms. They come in all different colors. Sleeveless hoodies typically aren’t worn outside of a gym setting while sleeved hoodies can be worn to almost any occasion. Sleeved hoodies are not typically worn during the Summer and Spring because it’s too hot to wear. Sleeveless hoodies, however, can be worn during the summer months.

Type of Physical Activity

When purchasing men’s athletic wear, the type of workout should be considered before buying a sleeved or sleeveless hoodie. For workouts that burn fat and produce lean muscle, a sleeved hoodie might be best. Sleeved hoodies trap heat and cause the wearer to sweat more than normal. For workouts that involve arm exercises, a sleeveless hoodie is ideal. The sleeveless hoodie gives the arms a full range of motion for whatever activity is being performed. Before purchasing a sleeved or sleeveless hoodie, it’s imperative to know the workout routine.


Shopping for men’s fitness apparel can be difficult without knowing what to look for. Many companies will sell sleeved and sleeveless hoodies that don’t fit right or fall apart for an exuberant price. Alpha Prime offers an incredible range of high quality sleeved and sleeveless hoodies, along with a plethora of other products from gym shorts to polos to even duffle bags.