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The Best Running Clothes for Women

The Best Running Clothes for Women

The Best Running Clothes for Women

As activewear companies continue to expand, so do their clothing lines. There are now so many different components that make up the best running clothes for women which can seem overwhelming. There are plenty of things to consider before buying a running outfit. The most important aspects of a women’s activewear outfit designed for running include:

  • Women’s Running Tops
  • Women’s Running Bottoms
  • Women’s Running Shoes
  • Women’s Running Accessories

Women’s Running Tops

Choosing the right top is an essential part of a perfect women's running outfit. A woman can only wear a certain style of top depending on the scenario. If it’s the middle of the Summer and it’s incredibly hot, a runner might elect to wear either a workout bra or a very light shirt. It’s important the shirt or bra has moisture wicking technology built into the clothing to stay dry during the workout. This is to prevent the body from being weighed down by sweat and assist with eliminating chafing. The added weight of sweat will exhaust the body faster than normal as well as make it uncomfortable during a long session. With moisture wicking activewear, such as Alpha Prime’s complete line of women’s running clothes, the body is able to properly breathe while in style. A long sleeve activewear compression activewear shirt might be the better choice for colder months. This option It keeps the body tight, trapping the body’s own heat and keeping the body warm.

Women’s Running Bottoms

This same moisture-wicking concept can also apply directly to women’s bottoms and leggings. Compression shorts are best for the heat, while pants can be worn in both the hot and cold. This is due to the material of compression tights that allows the legs to breathe. If the bottoms are made of cotton, they would most likely only inhibit the runner due to their tendency of trapping sweat. If made of a nylon-lycra blend, then the legs are able to move freely without fear of trapping sweat.

Women’s Running Shoes

The most important part of a woman’s activewear outfit are the shoes. It’s important for the woman to know what style of runner she is. It’s vital for the woman to know how she runs whether it be on the front of her foot vs on the heel. Women should also avoid the shoes that are cool or pretty. These are typically marketed as being the best for running when they don’t really make any difference and actually hurt the foot. Women should instead purchase a real pair of running shoes, regardless of how ugly they are. When buying running shoes, make sure to buy a pair that leaves a few centimeters between the toes and the shoe itself. This is because the foot tends to swell during running and it needs space to grow. With the right pair of shoes, a woman’s running outfit is ready to be worn.

Women’s Running Accessories

There are a wide array of women’s running accessories that can perfect any activewear outfit. Activity trackers and smartwatches can inform the runner of how good of a run they had. They also monitor things like BPM and average mile time. A woman should invest in either a belt or armband to store their personal belongings such as house keys and driver's license. These are great as they typically don’t weigh the runner down at all. Certain armbands also come with a pouch to put a smartphone to allow the runner to listen to music while running. Other accessories include high-performance activewear socks, gloves, and hats to round out the outfit perfectly.


The right running clothes for women can be the difference between first and second place. Whether on the track or the treadmill, it’s important that a woman is wearing the best activewear outfit to perform at the highest level. When searching for the best running clothes for women, make sure to check out Alpha Prime. They offer a large line of different activewear options to properly suit the needs of any runner. Visit Alpha Prime today for any and all activewear needs!