Why Your Fight Is Alpha Prime’s Fight

Why Your Fight Is Alpha Prime’s Fight

Why Your Fight Is Alpha Prime’s Fight

Alpha Prime is are not only proud to be the leading brand of athletic women's clothing but we are also proud supporters of education and lifesaving breast cancer research. Today on the blog, we are wrapping up the last week of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This incredible initiative has put us at the forefront of advances in the fight against breast cancer.


The Benefits Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Due to the efforts of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the incident rate of breast cancer has decreased over the past two decades. Early diagnosis and treatment have also helped to reduce the death toll associated with breast cancer. Spreading awareness is one of the most effective ways to decrease deaths related to breast cancer.

When women are aware of risk factors like their family history, they undergo genetic testing to check for BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations. When women are informed about early detection, they conduct frequent mammograms in accordance with doctors recommendations. When women are educated about prevention, they are more likely to take preventative measures regarding diet and exercise.


Breast Cancer Support All Year Round

Support for breast cancer awareness shouldn’t only be throughout the month of October. We have to continue raising awareness, making personal financial contributions and helping to fundraise on behalf of breast cancer research and support services all year long. At Alpha Prime, we will fight with you today, tomorrow and every day until there is a cure.


Today’s Battle Is Tomorrow’s Victory

At Alpha Prime, we know how important it is to continue the fight for a cure. Help us finish strong. During the final week of October, we are donating 10% of all proceeds from purchases of our women’s leggings and sports bra like the popular Knock-Out Hoodbra to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Don’t forget to check out our limited edition “Never Give Up” line, only available during this week.

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