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Caesar Bacarella’s Race Schedule

"When I get involved with anything, I want perfection. You have one shot in life to make a positive first impression and that's what we’re doing on the apparel side. When you’re wearing Alpha Prime products, we want you to know that you are wearing the best of the best."
- Caesar Bacarella, Founder


Founder and CEO of Alpha Prime USA and Alpha Prime Sports.

Caesar Bacarella believes in first impressions. He says, “you have one shot in life to make a positive first impression.” Perfection in apparel is Caesar’s goal. The same vision and perfection that has made his racing career successful also fuels Alpha Prime USA. From design to production, no detail is overlooked.  His vision is for every product to be the best option for the modern athlete. To Caesar, this means featuring products for both men and women that are durable, comfortable, and sleek. These products are designed by in-house professionals who know about textile, fashion, sport, and fit. The designs and samples go through a series of testing and revision. There’s even a round of testing done by Caesar himself, “the ultimate test.” Perfection is his standard and that must be met. The company is built for those like Caesar. Those who want the number one spot, those who push past boundaries, those who want to excel. Alpha Prime is built for those who inspire it.